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Lena Katina was born on October, 4th, 1984 in Moscow, in a family of known musician Sergey Katin which co-operated in due time with group "Dune", Marina Hlebnikovoj and other representatives of show business. Since 4th years at the initiative of the father visited different sports sections and musical mugs for the purpose of development of a plasticity and creative abilities. In 7 years has begun training in a comprehensive school, and a year later has arrived in musical school on a piano class. In 10 years became the soloist of known children's ensemble "Avenue" where sang 3 years. In 13 years has been enlisted in vokalno-tool ensemble of "Fidget" where has got acquainted and has made friends with Juliya Volkova. On listening she has sung a song in Spanish and has amazed the commission with a voice timbre. Soon Lena has left ensemble in connection with age - in "Fidgets" sing a maximum till 14 years. In 15 years has successfully passed a casting in the musical project which soon has received the name of Tatu. Later the second girl has been enlisted in the project - Julja Volkova who by results of a casting has appeared on the second place after Lena.

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